About Us

We entered the lab grown diamonds business in the year 2009. nZn Diamonds have been a pioneer in lab grown diamond manufacturer. We always strive to provide our customer with consistent quality in fastest lead time possible. We intend to ensure uniformity in quality by releasing an assortment of consistent similar quality diamonds every month for sale. 

As Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturer, we co-operate with the biggest growers in the world and final polishing the diamonds in our facility. Our diamonds are Natural Earth-mined diamonds, which are enhanced by a mechanism called as ‘High Pressure & High Temperature (HPHT)’ to change the color of the diamond. The colors are permanent and do not change over its lifetime. All our diamonds are of Type 2A are the most pure diamonds.

There are white colors (such as D, E, F,H,G etc.) and also in Fancy Colors such as Pink, Yellow, Purple, Red, Blue, etc. We have major Rounds as well have many other shapes like Pears, Marquise, Emerald, Cushion, Heart, Princess, etc. They are much cheaper than the Natural un-enhanced diamonds, and have the same beauty and luster like them.

The diamonds when mined from the earth have color impurities which are removed by the process of HPHT, and the color upgrades, due to which they are much more affordable