HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) Diamonds

The HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) Diamonds mimics the way diamonds are produced naturally deep inside the Earth’s crust. Special machines are used to build up the pressure of almost 60,000 atmospheres and temperatures of 2,500 degrees Celsius to start with the growth of HPHT diamonds. Special growth cells which contain elements needed for growing a diamond like highly refined graphite and a catalyst mixture consisting of metals and powders are planted into the HPHT chamber where consistent temperature increases up to 1,300 Degrees Celsius and more than 50,000 atmospheres of pressure is applied. The catalyst inside the cells transforms the cells from solid to molten form.

Within a few days and after a few conditions are met, the cooling process begins. This takes a few days and allows the carbon atoms to build on the atom seed. The cell is removed from the HPHT machine only when it is deemed to be sure that the growth cycle has been completed. The new rough HPHT diamond is then extracted and cleaned for the final cutting and polishing.
HPHT diamonds are then polished in similar way as that of Mined Diamonds along with other manufacturing processes. These Lab Grown Diamonds are used for both industrial as well as Gems & Jewelry sector.

There have been many attempts to create pure carbon lab grown diamonds in a controlled environment ever since the late 1800s. Presently, we have succeeded in producing lab grown diamonds in a controlled environment to such perfection that they are indistinguishable from mined diamonds to the naked eye. To differentiate between the two, one needs the services of a specialist that too with help of special equipment’s to distinguish a mined diamond and a lab grown diamond.
Currently, there is a lack of awareness about the presence of lab grown diamonds in the market. Most novice customers associate it with being ‘fake’ and of cheap quality but this is not the case. Currently the market for pure carbon lab grown diamonds is mostly for industrial purposes, but things are slowly changing and people are adapting the use of lab grown diamonds. People are now being more aware of the fact that they can get the same quality or even better by spending far lesser amount buying a lab grown diamond than buying a mined diamond. Moreover most importantly using a lab grown diamond would not harm the environment and is sustainable option. However it goes without saying as we all know the loop holes of mined diamonds lead us to indirectly and unknowingly sponsoring civil unrest.